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Renting an apartment in New York can be a complicated process, but it is easier if you are prepared. Having the following documents with you will make the process quicker and less stressful.

  • Letter of employment on company stationary stating the following: length of employment, salary, bonuses, job title, and prospects for continued employment.

  • If new on the job, previous paystubs and a letter of recommendation from your previous job are helpful.

  • Present paystub or 1099 and/or W2.

  • Copy of 2 or 3 recent bank statements (checking and savings)
       If you don´t have a bank account, speak to your agent please.

  • You will need access to certified checks or you must have an account available that has the ability to wire over the telephone funds to be transferred immediately to a landlord for rent and security. Some banks will insist on written authorization to wire funds. The difference between getting or not getting a great deal sometimes can be the speed at which you can have access to your money. So it is important to bear this in mind. Another option is to bring a large amount of Traveler´s checks with you to New York City, as all landlords and brokers accept this.

  • Besides your job references, having excellent credit is essential. Marc Lewis is online with Experian (formerly TRW) and we can run your credit for a nominal $50 charge, with your written permission. If your credit is not excellent, please consult your agent for ways to find an apartment with less than perfect credit. One of our competitive advantages is our ability (after thirty years in the business) to secure an apartment for you if your credit has been tarnished and you still have a good employment history. We cannot perform miracles, but we can do more than any other New York broker.

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