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Refers to an extra space (such as an ´L´ shape) in an apartment, like a dining area, which can be sectioned off to form a convertible room. It is important to find out what your rights are before you do any construction in your apartment. Most landlords will allow suction type walls (they come to your apartment in a box and leave no damaging holes to floors and walls) to be installed. But building violations can occur if you block any windows, which can be a serious issue, and lead to possible legal problems.

Studio Apartment
A one to two room apartment without a bedroom. Usually if there is a separate kitchen, it is called a two room apartment. Everyone has different ways of counting rooms, so be sure to consult your real estate agent about this.

one bedroom apartment rentals new yorkOne Bedroom Apartment
One bedrooms should consist of a separate sleeping/bedroom area. Some owners advertise apartments that have multi-level mezzanine studios as one bedroom apartments, so you need to ask your agent about this. Also, as rents have gone up, owners look to squeeze every inch out of their apartments to justify the higher rental rates of a "one bedroom" over a "studio" price. Apartment sizes often vary from 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 to even 4 rooms here.

Two Bedroom Apartment
Consists of two separate and distinct rooms for sleeping, a living room, kitchen and at least one bathroom. If there is no living room with windows, then this was a one bedroom that has been chopped up into a two bedroom. Room sizes vary by rental price and most units have one bathroom unless it is a doorman building.

Three Bedroom Apartment
Out of all the different types of apartments available in the New York area, three bedrooms are the hardest to find. This is purely a matter of mathematics. There are fewer three bedroom apartments built in Manhattan buildings and there is a lot less turnover in this size apartment. Many three bedrooms are occupied by families that move less frequently, or by singles sharing who often times switch roommates when someone moves out, rather than give the apartment back to the owners as an empty unit. These apartments consists of 3 separate sleeping areas, and can have from one to three bathrooms, depending on the type of building it is in.

Four Bedroom Apartment
Much like the 3 bedroom units, these are becoming harder and harder to locate in the New York area.

Classic Apartment
An apartment built in a pre-war type building which usually consists of a formal dining room and/or a maids room. This type of apartment is becoming extinct in the New York market as many older buildings, which have larger rooms like this have been converted to Cooperative or condominium ownership.

A couple outside of a Brownstone Apartment

Brownstone or Townhouse
Loosely used terms to describe an apartment in a non-elevator or walk-up type building. The higher the rent, the more likely it is a "real townhouse" and not an old law tenement, as many buildings are which you see advertised as Townhouses. There are many walk-up type buildings which have been renovated or remodeled, and like antique replications of furniture, they vary according to the style and class of the renovations. We also have an inventory of Real Townhouses, which mainly exists between Lexington and Fifth Avenues in the landmark district. These apartments are at a premium when available.

Elevator or "Semilux" Building
Semilux buildings are a cross between a doorman luxury building and walk-up. It is a building of 5 stories or more with a manual elevator and no doorman or attendant at the door. Some of these buildings have gotten almost as nice as so-called Luxury buildings that have 24-hour doorman. As rents have gone up dramatically, landlords have installed many luxury features in their buildings, including laundry rooms, 24-hour security & alarm systems, and high speed internet service in order to compete

Luxury or Doorman Buildings
A building with a doorman, concierge or elevator attendant which usually includes a staff of porters and handymen. This can be a full-time staff or a part-time staff, so you must check the hours. The room size and amenities in a so called "Luxury building" can vary greatly from neighborhood to neighborhood. With the onset of "vacancy decontrol" for apartments over $2,000, it is nearly impossible to find a bargain in a doorman building. Once an apartment has a legal rent over $2,000, an owner can rent it for whatever the market will bear.

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